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Get rid of technical worries and focus on your business. WPSitter takes care of everything WordPress related on your website.

You’ve invested time, energy and resources in creating, maintaining and promoting a WordPress site for your business.

Despite this, you find yourself faced with technical problems, tedious updates or security issues that prevent you from fully concentrating on your core business.

The life of a website is by no means a smooth ride. No site is infallible.

Or maybe you simply want to upgrade your site, but don’t have the technical know-how?

WPSitter’s WordPress support can quickly diagnose and resolve your site’s problems, giving you maximum peace of mind.

Overcome WordPress technical challenges

Bug fixing

Your WP site does not respond anymore? You are facing a sudden slowdown of your site, a capricious theme, a display problem or a conflict between plugins that made your site crash? We intervene on the spot to get your site back up and running and to ensure that you regain control of it.

Performance optimization

A fast WordPress website is essential for maintaining a pleasant user experience and ensuring that your site loads quickly and reliably. Conversely, a slow, unstable site can discourage visitors and negatively affect your online reputation. Let WPSitter optimize your site's performance now.

Adding/upgrading features

WordPress remains an accessible tool for the user, as long as you know how to master it properly. Do you want to update text, perform redirects or migration, add some CSS code, duplicate a page or add a favicon? For these kinds of classic tasks, it's easy to lose your mind quickly, and a lot of time. We'll take care of all that for you.

Enhanced security

Online security is a major concern for any company with a website. Malicious attacks, vulnerabilities and cyberthreats are unfortunately a reality you have to face. Our WordPress support service enables you to strengthen your site's security and protect yourself against these threats.

When you have a problem or need assistance with WordPress, it’s essential to get a fast response tailored to your specific situation. That’s exactly what WPSitter offers with our support service.

Our team of experts is on hand to answer all your questions, resolve technical issues and provide sound advice. Responsiveness is essential to us, which is why we’re committed to providing you with fast, efficient assistance.

We take the time to understand your needs in detail and provide you with solutions tailored to your WordPress site. Whether you need an emergency intervention or long-term support, we’re here to offer you customized assistance.

Get WordPress support now

We offer WordPress support hours to pamper your site.

Pack: 1h support


Cost per support hour

Pack: 3h support

$267 $227

15% discount

Pack: 10h support

$890 $623

15% discount

Here’s how WordPress support works at WPSitter:

1. You tell us about your WordPress problem.

2. You order the appropriate WordPress support pack.

3. WPSitter makes the necessary fixes.


Our team is qualified to solve a wide range of WordPress-related problems. These include theme or plugin errors, compatibility issues, database errors, loading speed problems, security issues and many more. Please feel free to submit your specific problems to us for assistance.

Yes, but these services are not included in our WordPress support offer.

Go to the pages dedicated to these services to find out more:

  • WordPress website migration
  • Cleaning up a hacked WordPress site

We are committed to providing fast, responsive support. When you submit a support request, our team strives to respond as quickly as possible. We understand the importance of resolving problems quickly and minimizing downtime.

Of course you do! Although all our WordPress maintenance packages offer support hours every month, you may have more needs.

In this case, you can opt for additional support hour packages to enable us to intervene effectively on your WordPress site.

Before we start patching, we evaluate the estimated resolution time. If it exceeds your available credit hours, we’ll ask you to credit your account again.

The hour packs we offer are valid for one year. During this period, you can use the hours included in the pack to benefit from our professional assistance on the WordPress site of your choice.

We understand that sometimes not all the hours included in a package are used before the end of the validity period. In this case, please note that unused hours will expire at the end of the validity period and cannot be carried forward or refunded.

We are fully committed to your satisfaction. If, for any reason, you are not completely satisfied with our support, we will work with you to resolve your issues and ensure a positive experience.

Yes, we can work on a white label basis on request.

You can contact us on the following page.
We are available 7 days a week.