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WordPress Support

WPSitter’s WordPress specialists will work on your site to make sure everything is working properly.

Despite the application of good practices, in particular the implementation of a preventive WordPress maintenance, the life of a site is not a smooth one.

Unfortunately, no site is infallible, and there may be times when you are faced with an emergency, such as a technical incident.

Or maybe you just want to upgrade your site, but don’t have enough technical knowledge?

WPSitter’s responsive WordPress support service can diagnose and resolve problems on your site very quickly, for maximum peace of mind.

Bug fixing

Your WP site does not respond anymore? You are facing a sudden slowdown of your site, a capricious theme, a display problem or a conflict between plugins that made your site crash? We intervene on the spot to get your site back up and running and to ensure that you regain control of it.

Hacked site cleanup

Have you noticed a lot of spam links, an unusual drop in traffic, or simply an inability to connect to your back office? Your WordPress site may have been hacked. To help you clean it up, we identify the root causes and perform a site cleanup, so you can start fresh and prevent future hacks.

Adding/upgrading features

WordPress remains an accessible tool for the user, as long as you know how to master it properly. Do you want to update text, perform redirects or migration, add some CSS code, duplicate a page or add a favicon? For these kinds of classic tasks, it's easy to lose your mind quickly, and a lot of time. We'll take care of all that for you.

Theme or plugins setup

You have just installed a new theme or plugin, but surprise: it's more complex than expected and you are stuck without being able to move forward? WPSitter will take the sting out of it for you by configuring the tools of your choice correctly, for an optimal functioning that matches your needs.

Call on a WordPress specialist

We offer WordPress support hours to pamper your site.

1 Hour Support Package

$89 / hour

Unlimited fixes for this hour